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Scars from accidents or operations heal very differently. Each scar is unique in its history and in the healing process. While some scars are soon barely visible and the surrounding tissue becomes soft and supple, there are scars that become hard and rigid, knotty or even drawn inwards.

The invisible network of the scar can reach into very deep tissue layers, thereby restricting the movement of the joints, the surrounding tissue and sometimes also leading to functional disorders.

ScarWork according to Sharon Wheeler gradually works its way from the outside into the deeper layers, and the tissue changes through this special kind of touch. The latest research confirms the spontaneous tissue changes in ultrasound images.

Two scientific teams are currently working in Germany and Poland to find out how this method works biochemically. Why scar tissue turns spontaneously and permanently into soft elastic tissue.

Scar treatment according to Sharon Wheeler begins superficially and then penetrates further and further into the deeper layers of your tissue.

The goal is to integrate the scar into the surrounding tissue using gentle, non-painful special techniques on the sensitive tissue of the scar.
The treatment is painless and pleasant; the age and origin of the scar are irrelevant. As a rule, an immediate improvement in the condition of the scar and the surrounding tissue occurs immediately during the work, and a further progressive and permanent improvement can also occur after the work.


Scarwork is not a therapeutic or medical treatment. Please make sure with your treating doctor that work can be carried out on your scar and the surrounding tissue before making an appointment.



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