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The sessions are systematically structured and follow the anatomical logic of releasing external tension in order to further optimize deeper and older posture and movement patterns. Every person has their own statics and dynamics anchored in the organism, which are reflected in their posture and movement sequences. The individual needs are taken into account in the sessions and a deeper understanding of the body is strengthened.


One, two and three - the kick-off sessions

The first sessions are about dissolving the external tension patterns.

The processing of the respiratory structures is encouraged. Shoulders, neck, arms and hands feel lighter and more flexible.

The legs and feet can now be felt as stable, lively support. An improved function makes walking smoother and the movement continues noticeably into the spine.

By stretching the flanks, breathing deepens and the shoulder girdle finds a relaxed orientation over the pelvic girdle. The movements become easier and smoother overall thanks to the natural rotational movement of the thoracic spine.
The lumbar spine passes this flowing sequence of movements on to the pelvic girdle without pressure.



Four, five, six and seven - the core sessions

In the further course of the sessions, the deeper fascia layers are addressed.

The fascia sheaths of the skeletal muscles that connect the upper body with the pelvis and legs, such as B. of Mm. iliopsoas (lumbar bone muscle) are worked on so that the muscle can slide freely again in its fascia.
The trunk straightens up, the pelvic girdle moves fluently and allows the legs the greatest possible freedom of movement.

Disturbance-free connections between the head, torso and legs relieve the spine.
At the same time, the inner perception deepens and refines. Understanding the structural connections within one's own body promotes healthy self-confidence.

A harmonious body image should be felt through the natural erection.



Eight, nine and ten - the integrative sessions

In the previous sessions, it was often about differentiating body areas from one another in order to enable new freedom of movement between them.

In the final sessions, the focus is on integration. The focus is on the permeability of movement and on which body structures still prevent movement.

The aim is to develop a deeper sense of the connections between the structures of your own body and of orientation and alignment along the line of gravity. This feeling enables a refined inner perception. It enables - even after completing the 10 series - to find your way back to a relaxed, upright posture again and again.

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